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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Jul 2014

Location: Yule River

MapWell today we woke up and I set up my dream pot with a casserole. We packed up said goodbyes to a couple of people and hit the road again.Nice to get moving again passing through Roebourne and pulling up at a small campsite where we had a spot of lunch. Travelled not much further and saw this lovely tranquil little spot with a few caravans parked up by the Yule river so because we can and we have all the time in the world decided to stay the night. There are chattering white galahs the river actually has water in it and the gumtrees are swaying softly -----get the picture !!
We strung up a temp clothes line and hung out the small wash I did this morning. dales sitting or rather reclining outside reading a book and I am about to do the same. This is the life.
I struggled to upload from my camera hope they are okay surely I can only get better !!!!! There not that inspiring !!!!!