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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 Jul 2014

Location: Cape Keraudren, Australia

Thanks I have two messages and haven't a clue who they are from !!!!
Thanks Sally, Carolyne,Geof,Greg.Mum,RossJack for your messages so know it isn't any of the above !!!

We were out of phone and computer range hence nothing on my blog !!!
Its getting hot and even Dale is now wishing what I wanted and that was to go South via the nullabor .Visit Susie and Tommy and then head East via the nullabor towards Adelaide etc.
Hindsight is a great thing !!!!!

In the future I will not be swayed !!!!!
Apart from going the long hot way we have met some really lovely people and seen lots more than we did coming up this way a couple of years ago.
We stayed at the De grey cattle station overnight and today arrived at Cape Keraudren where the sea is the most beautiful blue Ive seen since NZ.
I have been taking a couple of snapshots which I will download when in the mood to concentrate !!
This morning we drove out to the Pardoo homestead along a red gravel road and what a sight _____It was like a self contained village with swimming pool, caravan park. shop and restaurant .Its like an oasis in the middle of hot nothing. I was so impressed. As we were looking a woman came past us with a pile of freshly baked loaves. The aroma was amazing and they looked so yummo ! Unfortunately they were ordered and I am trying not to eat bread so that was that ------I could live on the smell.
They have lots of sheds. a petrol bowser and vehicles everywhere. I think the whole station is up for sale so lets hope it stays Australian and doesn't lose its charm.
Our TV doesn't seem to be working and those who know Dale can guess what Im living with and the vocab isn't flash either !!!!!
our neighbours here have just come back with lots of fish so there defiantly are fish here but I think its better with a tinnie rather than off the shore.
Whew its hot Im off to pour a cool drink ,Catch you later xxxx