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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Aug 2014

Location: Broome

MapWah its very hot here about 32 or 33 at present Dale has the TV going hes much happier !!! It was a long stint on the road yesterday really hot and we covered about 400 k's .decided to stop at Roebuck and book in the little park as we had things to do in Broome and didn't want the van behind us. The whole town is booked out anyway and there are races on today so the place is abuzz with activity,The shops are all busy and there are plenty of oldies everywhere dodging the Perth winter. Its quite similar to Bali and the pool at our park is lovely so tempting.
Made a salad for dinner can see a few salads coming up that's for sure.
Ive noticed in this park its full of Queenslanders all doing their thing coming over to see the West.We even met up with some kiwis on the road.
poor old Dales watching the footy . Good luck boys.
We looked at all the touristy things last time we were here so when leave it will be all new ground which will be more interesting.