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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Aug 2014

Location: Boab Park , Australia

MapWell we have finally left Broome.thank goodness as we are now in new territories for us which means its all new and different,
Everything seems in order with the van dale has sorted out all his paperwork so there is a general feeling of peace !!!!

We looked around Derby today and went out to the jetty where we saw a huge tide apparently its the 2nd highest high tide in the world.
We also went to the tourist centre and its all so interesting but feel so sad for the early aborigines they were given such a hard time cant blame them for being so bitter--- they were stolen from their tribes put in chains and marched for hundreds of miles to work on the pearl trawlers,
There is red dust everywhere and the ground is like concrete.Im so glad I don't have to live here !!!!!! My coverage is weak so will close for now.