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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Aug 2014

MapHi Well we woke up very early so Dale cooked bacon eggs ,tomatoes and left over potatoes (only our 2nd fried brekky this whole trip) and off we went. We were driving along and out popped the skinniest emu ever poor little thing its like the cows we see on the road just ambled along taking his time but made it over the road quite safely.
On arriving at Fitzroy Crossing we went to the tourist centre and watched a very interesting in Jandamarra an aboriginal that was in this area in the late 1800's it was so sad.The whole town of Fitzroy Crossing is so sad its depressing with some of the people there begging you to by their paintings.The town is like a red dust bowl with this gritty red dust everywhere. The road into and out of the town has single laned bridges so you have to wait and give way to any oncoming traffic.
Dale is totally happy hes sorted out all his paperwork.
Had a chat with my beautiful son today.Love my boy its nearly his 39th birthday --- unreal.
Had good news from my girl and fingers crossed her and Chanelle's plans turn out.
Have received a detailed list of instructions and beauty potions from Amnda she is a stickler for one keeping up beaty treatments trouble is shes flogging a dead horse with her mum !!!!!!
Im cooking a mini roast so better get moving ,