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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Aug 2014

Location: mary pool

MapWe loved it so much here we stayed another day. Went for a walk and saw the receding river and it even had signs saying careful of the crocs !!!!
Made some scones in my little oven they were so light and yummy.
(Lucky we had that long walk !)
Did some reading and chatted with Geof,Lynley and Greg today.
talked to some interesting people.
The fat revolting man who has parked near us has the worst loud generator Ive ever heard inconsiderate piece of manhood.!!!!!

My poor brother Geof lost his 16 year old mate today.He was devastated but was well mothered by my mum and two of her friends. I know it will affect Dot and Lynley as well. She was a trusting loyal friend to Geof and find it hard to think I wont see poor old Meg again.You saw Geof and just behind him was Meg his shadow.Bye lovely meg.

tomorrow we will be aiming towards Halls Creek ?????????
Tomorrow we wish Cheryls mum the best of health when she undergoes her big Op.We will be thinking of you Cheryl and John.xxxxxx
Oh the creep has turned off his ancient noisemaker