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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Aug 2014

Location: Spring Creek

MapWell up and away again setting off the earliest ever. Drove past a lot of dead kangaroos today and there were more cows on the road.
Cheryls mum has her op today we are hoping all is well with her as Cher knows how to stress xx
rang work today to say bye to little Margaret but she assures me that we will all not lose touch so that's good. Spoke to Raylene and Pat today ----- I miss the girls but not the work !!1
Halls creek was not too bad although while we were looking in the tourist advice centre had our Eagles wheel cover nicked --lovely. Lucky my Eagles thingy on the caravan is bolted on as it may have gone as well !!!! At least they have taste if not morals.
The people at this stop off are so friendly best yet. Ive decided Tasmanians seem to be so friendly------well the ones weve met !!!me I too would have gotten it as I too love duck
As Im writing this a great big van has just pulled up but I don't think there is room for it FULL HOUSE.Yes they have turned around and taken off.

Hope Carol gets over her food poisoning . I feel if I had been home I too would have succumbed to it as love duck as well !!!!!!
Im hot think Ill have a nice cool beer bye xx