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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Aug 2014

Location: Kununurra WA

MapWell haven't been on the computer this w/e as its been so hot and I have caught up with lots of washing and cleaning after all the red dust that we have been travelling through.
Have chatted to Cheryl, Maz, Carolyne and Ross.
Watched the footy as well saw the dorks lose that's a shame and watched our mighty Eagles blow off Collingwood --- now that was something and Priddo was outstanding. Thanks Eagles x
Kununurra is the nicest town that we have been to sitting on a huge dammed lake. The lake is so picturesque with mango trees just everywhere. There is a huge rocky cliff surrounding the town with really green trees growing up them.We have booked into the park for a week just to sit still and have a look around.The birds are happy and the town just lovely and so very friendly.
We drove out to a fruitbowl orchard which wasn't that great but probably because it was so hot and and later in the day.
We drove out to the hoochery the oldest legal still in Aussie. They make whiskey and rum.
We had barramundi which was lovely but Dale says he prefers Red Emperor. We had rum icecream which was really very strongly flavoured with rum.Im not usually an ice cream fan but it was delicious.
Its nice to have the bbq in the annexe and do all the cooking mainly outside which helps keep the van cool.
We are planning to go on a trip probably Wed or Thurs to a place I thought Id ever see just cant wait .Will tell more later.
Poor Dale has to visit the dentist tomorrow as he has to have a filling (too much chocolate !!)
The time has come for bed its so tiring being retired !! x Nite