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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014

Location: KUNUNURRA, Australia

MapWell today I realised a dream and we went out to see El Questro !! I have seen photos of it and always wanted to visit there.
We ventured up the Gibb River road and called in first to Emma Gorge driving through a couple of flooded areas that were a breeze at this time of year but many would be impassable during the wet season.
The road got worse and worse and it was with great relief when we arrived at the Store and restaurant area of El Questro.They even had a garage for repairs which I would guess would be necessary for some of the vehicles that thought they were 4 wheel drives !!!
Its sis in laws Jo's birthday today so happy Birthday Jo. Its also my darling friend Fi from NZ Happy Birthday Fi xx
After leaving El Questro we shot through to Wyndham oh my god what a hole Its desolate dirty and half empty--- not on my wish list for places to live that's for sure !!!!
There seems to be some bush fires burning north of here its lucky we are at the park on Lake Kununurra !!!!!
Visitors are coming and going all the time and people are travelling all around this amazing country Australia. We truly live in a huge vast land.There is just so much to see and do aren't we lucky.
Im still on cloud nine with the Collingwood slaughter xxx