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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Aug 2014

Location: Kununurra

MapWell took a sight seeing tour out to Lake Argyle today. Started off okay as the weather is only a pleasant 27 today much more pleasant .We were lucky enough to have a tar sealed road all the way and its just so beautiful out there. The huge dam is a beautiful colour and the huge rocky surrounds amazing.
How I feel for the poor devils who built the place its awesome .The roads down to the actual dam are terrifying if you are a big woose like me that is terrified of heights. !!! We got halfway then you drive across a high very high narrow drive that I felt was terrifying----- we then stopped at the landing where I got out and felt shakey and started panic stuff !!! Poor Dale was dying to keep going so I held my breath closed my eyes and we continued down which was great to be down only kept thinking of the return trip too much to actually enjoy it !
Dale has taken lots of photos which ill sort out tomorrow.
We stopped and had lunch near the resort which houses the most amazing swimming pool overlooking the dam and cliffs.The wealthy people that were in the bungalows were lying around all that magnificent opulence lapping it up.
Now Im home and safe actually thought it was an alright day.