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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Aug 2014

Location: Katherine N.T.

MapWell after leaving our state that is so more civilised especially with telephone coverage we have reached the northern territory and its a continuation of a dustbowl but really lovely scenery at the same time.
John and Cheryl are now with us and its lovely to have the company and having another woman is a saving grace and the men can keep each other company. Isnt it funny how when they fix things together its okay if it goes wrong but when its the wife she cops the blame !!!
W have been to see the zebra rock which is fascinating------ jeweller
y is made from it and some lovely dishes but I refrained from buying anything being an out of work person now !!! We also visited Mary Duracks homestead and shes written some lovely pioneer books which I hope to read.The Durack family were also pioneers in the Northern Territory as well and Patsy Durack (male) and his family were original settlers here learning to cope with the aborigines.It must have been horrendous being his wife in those days with all those hardships I guess Im lucky really !!!

We have been paying bills back home and Westpac have changed the paying format ___I thought Dale would have a coronary attack he was so confused-------- But we have worked it out thank the gods.
I have chatted with Carolyne she was at the Atrium having dinner.Chatted with brother Geof and mum.
The rest are all over drinking theres something about 5 o'clock that drives everyone to drink !!!
Met a gorgeous couple of dutch pharmacologists from Sydney they were fun. Dale lit a fire and John got the wood and we all sat around having a lovely night under the bright stars.You meet some lovely people all doing the self same things as us.
I think life on the road has some extremely interesting times with so much to see.
Its nothing to see a cow ,horse or roo just pop onto the road.
We saw the hot springs here today and we will see more when we head to Mataranka.
After a bit of deliberation decided to leave Darwin for another time the extra 1600 hundred k's was a bit daunting at present and we hope to see it the next time.We have a couple of commitments and it doesn't fit the schedule at this time.
Oh well better join the others before they are too well done !! See u later xx