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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Aug 2014

Location: Katherine

MapWell today we did a couple of jobs and I spring cleaned the van and had a chat with brother ross.
we visited the hot pools they had signs out beware the crocs but there were so many people swimming there. There were some really old people who had braved the steep steps down there and the water was just lovely and the whole spot complete with waterfalls proved very popular with young and old and the tourists were there in huge numbers.
Dale and John did some repair work and Cheryl and I visited a lovely lady in the park that does hairdressing she is from Melbourne-- she cut and coloured my hair and Cheryl had a colour.
Dale cut and trimmed his own hair then did johns so we are all looking great and ready to hit the road again tomorrow.
Met a lovely couple from Melbourne hes a kiwi shes irish they are Sydney supporters and we talked AFL for ages.
By the way the lovely hairdressers has a birthday on June 28th no wonder we hit it off !!!! she also waxed me for free.
hatted to Carol and Paul as well on the phone Carolyne sounds worn out too much work I feel.
Change of plan we are now heading to Darwin as in the end as ross pointed out we are so close may as well.
Well better do the dishes see you for now liz xx