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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Aug 2014

Location: Darwin

MapWell talk about waking up in paradise I think Darwin is just lovely and so glad that we came here. Got up did some washing and then brekky and off we all went into the city and drove around. Dale and John dropped Cheryl and I off at the casino and they went to an aeroplane museum.
We had a lovely time looking around the place and had a snack there and off course a bit of a flutter !! not too bad its not such a taker as crown in Perth even the snacks are nicer and more reasonable in cost.I had a glass of beer which is the tallest glass Ive ever drunk out of and Cheryl white wine.
The men rejoined us and they too had a snack so that's it for food we aren't eating tonight.
I got onto my computer and in the messages had 3 lovely messages from 3 lovely people. Its so nice to get some feedback as was thinking I was writing just for my own memoirs !!!!!
Thanks Jo, Sally and Jill xx
Had a call from mum today got such a fright thought something bad had happened. That was a nice chat. Dale also rang Craig he sounds as chirpy as ever.
We have lots to see here so we are so glad we came.