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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Aug 2014

Location: darwin

Map Well another day here and we now all carry the legacy of Darwins sandfly bites !! We have all got bites on our legs and have invested heavily in creams and lotions !!!
Went all around the city and there are war relics all over the place.saw the gaol Lindy Chamberlain was in.
John has been driving us all around together he is so patient and unflappable. He has retained a good knowledge of where to go and things to see.
We went back again to the casino today while Dale and john did some mechanical stuff on the lights of our van and and the said they enjoyed their day without us !!!!Apparently they had peace and no one telling them what to do !!!!!
We all had a few drinks tonight and John is going really well cutting down his ciggies.
Chatted to Jayne today on the phone it was so nice to hear her voice. miss those girls at work------- but not enough to return there !!!!
Hope Sandy and Sharon are feeling better.
Must get busy as Im making a stew to cook in my dreampot as we travel tomorrow so will be cutting up the meat and veges tonight.Im really enjoying the stews that it cooks plus they do a couple of meals.