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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Sep 2014

Location: Mataranka Hot springs

MapIts just so lovely here we are so enjoying the hot pools. We have been swimming for 3-4 hours every day. We are meeting lots of people and Dale has become the helper for everyone trying to set up their TV's. He seems to have the knack of getting the satellite to connect them. He has some new very grateful friends !!!!
Today was special saw my first ever real bat I had of course seen the ones at the casino !!!!!! It was hanging from the flowering gum tree eating the flowers swinging from branch to branch.
The flowers are sweet smelling and all the roo's are eating the ones that drop on the ground that miss the bats mouth .
Went to the local shop and my goodness the stock is mostly out of date ---- wont be buying much here !!!
Went to the post Office and got talking to the girl working there who offered me a job in the library !!!!Ha working is in the past !!!!!
Very pleased the Eagles won their last game .Bring on next year.
Made scones today instead of buying bread ---- that should please uncle Jack !!!
the film " We of the Never Never" was made here and Cheryl and I went halves in the movie today to watch ----- not that Im having time to read or watch movies at present.