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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Sep 2014

Location: Daley Waters

MapWell up and moving again today leaving Mataranka heading towards Queensland .We drove along and met up with some people we had seen earlier. We are starting to see people we are starting to recognise along the way. We met a gorgeous couple an ex farmer and an ex service woman a great fun loving couple and we all had tea together at the pub as they have a bbq salad bar night and a happy hour. Beer tastes like nectar after a hot day travelling. When we got here I lay down and fell asleep (this is a concern as makes me sound old !!!)
on awakening we walked to the pub and had a lovely night I did take some pics but cant upload them until have a stronger internet coverage. The phones are hit and miss out here. With telstras huge profits they could extend their coverage that's for sure.
The pub has a pool,there are lots of collections like bras hanging on the counter,old number plates,money from all countries pinned up and lots of really aussie style ocker sayings and signs.
It used to be a stop off point for drovers back in the early days.Everything is shabby and old except the food looks like its presented by a fine dining chef !! Johns burger had a huge big damper bun and the barramundi was just melt in the mouth eating.
Dales in bed reading - -- Yes reading hes doing a fair bit of it lately which is very pleasing to me mrs avid reader from way back.
rang my mother today who didn't recognise me and Craig and Amanda are sending me money to buy Dales fathers day gift-------good kids
Craig said hes going to mow our lawn hope he does it must be looking unkempt by now.
Kayla is off to Bali tonight do wish her a lovely holiday wish I don't need to really as know she will.
Oh well better get to bed its a bit late and we are off again in the am. We are all still all hitched up just ready to hit the road of that great big land we call Australia Good nite xx