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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Sep 2014

Location: Three Ways NT

MapWe have just been to Elliot Springs for two nights free camping. It was so beautiful we had a waterside home for two days and enjoyed seeing lots of bird life and I have always had a soft spot for pelicans - -they are amazing. The Ibis birds are lovely as well.

This morning we awoke and set off really early to the Three Way Roadhouse which is the turn off to Brisbane,Adelaide or Darwin.
We will go shopping tomorrow down the road for groceries as both Cheryl and I are getting low.
Chatted to Amanda this morning shes sent money from her and Craig for dads fathers day gift.I think she likes being the sole occupant of the house as her and Jemma seem quite happy.
They want Dad to have chocs,beer and whiskey !!!!!Will get it tomorrow.