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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 07 Sep 2014

Location: Three Ways

Mind you most days are fathers day !!!!! Dale was thrilled he had a call from Amanda and a call from Craig then he got a touching message to poppa from Chanelle,I cooked him a big fry up as a treat and he enjoyed it. The kids gave him chocs,beer and Whiskey he felt happy.

Im getting him a new wheel cover to replace the stolen one. Im looking for one with a nice pic ???? Has anyone any ideas where I can get one !!!! I would be most grateful.
We shot through to Tennant Creek for groceries and Dale was thrilled he got money off his deisl with his over 60.s card !!!!
I rang Geof to try and reach dad as its so hard to ring him at Melrose.
Hes going to try and come over when we are in Brisbane as the 4 of us can get together------that's myself and tree brothers.
Tennant creek is a dreadful pace with barbed wire and disgusting signs people have written ---- really foul.
Ive made some dinner so had better go and serve xxx