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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 Sep 2014

Location: Camooweal (???)

MapWhew we finally made it to Queensland!!. Have to say it was the most boring trip ever after Barkley Homestead. The Homestead was lovely but there was some idiot in the shop going off about prices and bank fees god he was rude plus he had on socks and sandals (hate that look !! )
We drove forever and forever and hit this lovely free camp which has taken all our fancies !!
Its hot though I was up at 6 making scones as no fresh bread or shops.Ive even made stuffing to cook the chook on the bbq tonight.
His lordship has been reading a lot,helping John with his TV a lot and is now having an afternoon siesta !!!
Texted Jayne back and forth today I do miss her and the girls.i think they are off out for Lindas birthday tonight I hope that they have a great time.
Happy 60th Lindy Lou xx
Outside are more pelicans, ibis some huge birds I don't know and galahs and ducklings.No crocs here - just as well as there is a guy canoeing on the river. Its all just so peaceful.
The next big town we will see is Mt Isa.
Bye for now xx