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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Sep 2014

Location: Hell on Earth

MapThis is as hot as hell here cant bare it. feel tired and grumpy Ha can hear people thinking "Poor Dale " theyd be right !!!!!
Cheryl made a lovely cinnamon tea cake before the heat came it was yummy we had it for morning tea.
Just had a yogurt for lunch its too hot to eat. Cant wait to leave here tomorrow. Not sure how people actually live here !!
Dale put the nets out as a lovely lady told us they are here but he cant get them out deep enough with no tinny. Well she was nice she thought I was young and had married an older man !! poor Dale he stuck his hat on !!

I give the credit to Amanda she has given me great skincare and Im trying to follow instructions !!!! Theres so many instructions its hard !!! but I am trying.