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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 13 Sep 2014

Location: Mt Isa

MapIt has been so good to have a couple of days rest we were all getting so hot and tired - - - - - aircon for a few days has been heaven.
We have been on a tour of the underground hospital that was built during WW11 it was fascinating and reminded me of my old nursing training days. Maybe Im nearly a relic as well !! the bombing in Darwin made them decide to build it. It was certainly very cool underground in the wards but a little scary !All the furniture so ancient and old fashioned.I did enjoy the tour though very much.
Talked to Geof on the phone so happy to hear that Bridgette is pregnant.
I also talked to brother Ross and thanks to him and Thelmas advice we went to the Irish club and had a lovely day. I won a little and John won a $50.00 chicken voucher from Lennards. They even have an old Melbourne tram parked inside the building.
We also visited the Bluffs club and had the most gigantic roast meal Ive ever been served all for $12.00. It was very tasty and even better not to have had to cook it !!!!!
Best news of all I took a powerball Thurs night and won $206.50 so think Queensland might prove lucky for me- - - its very gratefully received as Im not on the payroll for one whole year no pay and no pension so perhaps Ill live on luck (and love !) talking of love Dale is looking rested and raring to go tomorrow. Its funny we are dying to stop then after rest dying to leave again.
Until next time bye for now xx