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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Sep 2014

Location: in the outback

MapWell we left Mt Isa today and I think we did over 400 ks today of a lot of boring roads. The poor cattle in the paddocks look hot and starving and bet they cant wait for rain to come. Its in short supply over here. The road was interesting at first and we stopped and read the Burke and Wills monument. They must have been amazing men. It was windy and a lot of the road has been cut through stone cliffs . As we went further it was boring but the sight of those majestic huge kenworths steaming flat out with their 4 trailers is mind bogling. Some of them actually get the sways on their back trailers which is a bit scary.
We stopped off at the pub where Crocodile Dundee was filmed but it was too early for a drink. Its an interesting look.
We have stopped at a free camp and met some interesting people driving a huge bus with a trailer carrying a motorbike and car. They are working around the country.
I took a photo for Carolyne and sent it but don't think she will use it !!!!!
Paul texted me the Subi result they are playing East Perth in the GF .Not expecting a miracle as they are the Eagles 2nd side.
Isnt it funny how the Dorkers made all the Eagle jokes now I guess they are joining them watching the AFL finals on TV as well !!!!!! He who laughs last laughs longest !!!!!!
I made a lovely salad for dinner- - - - - it was really lovely even though Im saying so !! Love hearing from people bothering to read my ramblings xxx