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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Oct 2014

Location: Mt. Maunganui NZ

MapWell sitting here and reflecting over the past few days. Ross and Greg flew out this morning as did Uncle Jack. Dale is over at his mums and Mum is at bridge so Im actually alone. Dishes done,washing done and have made macaroni cheese for mum and I after shes home from Bridge.
I wish to thank all the friends and family that I have caught up with and had great wishes from ------so appreciated and comforting.
It was amazing to catch up with Marion,Colleen and Gail as it seems that we only catch up in sad times.We have promised each other we will meet up again just as a reunion and for the fun of it.
My children have been so wonderful and supportive I guess im a lucky mum to have such caring thoughtful children. in fact I know I am Thanks Lisa,Craig,Deb and Amanda xxx
We are flying back to Sunshine Coast on Friday am. Dale and I are staying the Thursday night in Auckland. Hopefully we meet up with Greg and Jo and Cheryl and John again.