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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Oct 2014

Location: lake Monderan

MapWhat a lovely peaceful spot just chilling out. Dales thrilled he actually got some red claws in his net this am and he and Ross are out TRYING to catch Barramundi !!!!
Had some lovely days at Greg and Jo's and we all went up to a lovely village up a revolting steep drive I think was called Mountford ?? It was just lovely up there with some very interesting shops.We also visited the Ginger factory and Nut factory.I brought some lovely Anzac ginger biscuits very nice.
Missing the kids a lot its funny how much you miss them I guess must love them lots XXXX
Went for a walk around the dam its quie busy with little boats those tinnie ones everywhere. The fishing cop starts here in the weekend but we will be gone as heading to Bundaberg next. the rum factory is definatly on the agenda.
New Zealand was a sad trip but have never felt so proud of dads stint in WW 2 with the lovely part that the RSA gave during dads service. I think dad would have also been proud of such a big attendance for a 92 year old as most of his friends had died before him.
We are all left with the memories and they are plentiful and mostly happy.