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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Oct 2014

Location: Bundaberg, Australia

today we said goodbye to ross and Avis and they left for Gympie and we left for Bundaberg. We enjoyed very much our time with Avis and Ross and was great catching up. Thanks guys for a great time.
We drove past lots of sugar cane fields and it was a short pleasant drive to Bundaberg. We went to The Bundaberg rum distillery and did the tour to see how they make the rum. Thought of Mike when we saw the red and thought of Geof when we saw the OP.
WE all thoroughly enjoyed the tour even though Cheryl and John had been before they too enjoyed it. they give you free rum drinks at the end and the the liquor was enjoyed by Dale and Cheryl served with cream. I enjoyed one called streaky something but do have to say Im not really a lover of rum.The factory is so huge and what a successful venture making rum is !!!!! They were saying we pay a 66% tax on rum here in Aussie- - -good god govt knows how to reap in sponduli what a rip !!!
We went for tea at the pub for Johns birthday and they had a 200 gram staek and squid that he really enjoyed.I think he enjoyed his day especially after chats with Stevo and Dan.
Off to bed early tonight xx