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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Oct 2014

Location: Gympie

MapWell sadly we have left Bundaberg and we drove again through Cane growing fields and pineapples growing. All the gardens look so healthy and and make a lovely sight as one drives along. We stopped at Maryborough for lunch and Dale and John went to Bunnings .Trouble is as you get closer to civilisation the traffic increases !!!
We chatted today as Cheryl decided to ring her.
Talked to Craig and Deb today they sound pretty chirpy.

On arrival at the overnight stay John did his stack as their power from the solar panel stopped working but Dale to the rescue and it is all fixed and working again !!
Talked as well to Ross and Greg. tried Geof but as usual he didn't answer his phone ! hope I never need him urgently !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ross has ordered a special ladder for himself and one for Dale - - - I don't know men and their toys !!!
Im sitting here aand most people seem to be asleep aand their is a gentle hum of generators and birds still chirping ------- in the dark ???
Might go and read some of my book x