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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Oct 2014

Location: Cooroy Queensland

MapSpent two lovely res in Gympie rest up area a regular mini paradise with so much birdlife and parked 3 feet away from the water. It was a lovely rest then yesterday left to go to Gregs a very short trip in fact didn't realise how close that we were !!!
This is a lovely state just so friendly and welcoming . Last night had lots of rain. its rather nice lying in the van listening to the rain on the roof. Greg cooked spaghetti Bog for us all which we had with fresh tiger loaf and lots of wine (too much !!)
Dales fixing up stuff not sure what but you know him hes a perfectionist !!!
Talked to Jill yesterday that was nice makes you realise that you miss people. She sounded tired.
We are just off shopping so will close x