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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Oct 2014

Location: Brisbane

MapWell said goodbye to the Sunshine coast and hello to Brisbane. Found our way here so easily !! Arent those GPS's wonderful inventions !!!
Lovely people here in the park its amazing just how many people have sold their homes and are living in vans.
Have been to the clubs here already still love that Norths club its great. Went out for dinner with Ross and Avis at one club and Dale and I went to Norths to day.There are so many deals and things to do in them plus you can win as well !!!
We were treated to a huge sky spectacle today in the shape of lightening and thunder but I think the locals would have liked more rain.
Avis cooked a bbq for tea tonight it was a really lovely meal and in the fresh fruit salad was paw paw off their tree. It made me think of Carolyne she loves it as well.
Tomorrow Ross has plans for us so we shall see what tomorrow brings ???
Got a lovely big parcel from Amanda today it was full of cleanser,Face mask.rejuventing creams etc------ she said I have plenty of time now to use them !!!! Dale was lucky as well some chocolate and two new CD's for the car while we drive. Shes a thoughtful kind girl isn't she xx We miss her and Jem lots.
Im a bit tired seem to have the most persistant cough and feel quite drained not sure what the problem is but Im sick of feeling yuk.talking to people its going around and the cough hangs on - - Great !!!!!
well Im off to bed with my book x