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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Nov 2014

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapWell it seems ages since I wrote anything have been doing the family thing and visiting the clubs (which I love ! ).
Avis and Ross have made us so welcome and we have just about eaten them out of house and home and they have taken us here and there its been great.The park that we are staying in has been so good as its so central to everything and is very reasonable as well.
Saturday night we went up to Bridie Island and surprise surprise Greg and Jo were there as well . We had a lovely night.
We also have been eating all the tropical fruits Paw paw off Avis's mothers tree,Mangoes that are just coming into season and pineapples are so cheap not sure why they bother growing them.
My no,s came out in lotto 4 straight on my systems that was nice.
Today is Sandy's birthday so Im guessing that Danny Darling spoilt her rotten !!!!
Nice to get the odd emails from Patty,messages from Jayne so Im not totally neglected.
The weather here has been strange just so hot and now cold which is lovely after all that heat as its kind of draining heat.
Avis took me to another lovely shopping centre which was great even saw Harris Scarfe again which is gone from Perth now.
Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day and we hope to be down in the Gold Coast in time for the race as its later than we are used to in Perth.
We have also been for drives looking at caravans and houses but so far no where has really grabbed me enough to up sticks and live here !!!!!!
I think so far I like the Sunshine Coast but love the clubs in Strathpine area !!!!
Dales had a really good rest here so is ready to roll the highways again towards seeing Denise and Jacko and my sister of course !!! Well adopted sis.
Might go to bed as feeling like some beauty sleep.