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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Nov 2014

Location: Somewhere between Sydney and C, Australia

MapWah what a ride !!!! Trucks mountainous roads scary cliffs and all going one pace flat tac !! God those roads have long climbs and so high up above the tree tops !! so glad to pull over and chill out !!
Brought some cherries that they were selling yummo just love cherries.

Apart from being scared out of my wits the actual drive was pleasant and we crossed so many very long bridges over rivers the whole way.The countyside is so Australian all flowering gum trees and the paddocks are sp green.
Had a great chat with Carolyne last night and out of the blue Dot rang me and that was a great catch up.also chatted with Ross and Greg this am. They are settled in their new house.
might read my book and hit the bed early - - - its hard work breaking all day in the non drivers seat !!!!!!