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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014

Location: Euchuca

MapWhew its a hot day today. weve all been out to the shops Cheryl and I were looking for something to wear for the wedding in Bali and found a gorgeous shop.
The guys went to the Holden museum then we met up for lunch.
The area around this district is known as the Gourmet District and they have wineries everywhere and we actually visited the cheese factory and Brown Brothers then ran out of time.
Beechworth is a quaint little town full of Ned Kelly memorabilia and lots of delightful churches of all denominations.
Poor Carolyne and Paul had a huge holdup at the airport waiting for their plane (at least they had 24 krispy Crème doughnuts !!) They wouldn't have starved !!! I bet they are tired today.
I have packed the presents the girls sent for Christmas in the cupboard so I wont open them until Christmas !!!!
The scenery around this town situated on the Murray is just lovely and full of visitors and people milling around all over. The paddle steamers look so proud and majestic as they plough through the water taking ones mind back to the early days. I bet life was fun here in those days.
Dale and Cheryl stocked up their booze supplys so we are all set up again in the alcohol side of things. We leave to head off to Brisbane and they head off to Perth.
I think we are off to the club tonight not sure yet.