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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Nov 2014

Location: brisbane

MapIts lovely being so settled for a while and take stock of ones sanity. We have the annexe up and its really a lovely annexe. We have the bbq going flat tak- - - - its great keeps the heat outside. Have been following Pattys cruise with interest. she's having a lovely time with John it seems.
Had a call from Carolyne thank goodness she's sounding better and is now planning our wedding trip for us in Bali-------- cant wait .!!!!! Jo and Gail are there now but hope they leave some alcohol for us when we get there !!!
Don't know if Im repeating myself but it was great to have an Eagles catch up with Janne I- - - think we've sorted the Eagles for next year.
Went around to Avis and ross last night and had an entrée of mozzarella garlic bread. lovely lamb roast followed by Avis's homemade icecream served with fresh strawberries and fresh mangos - 0 they excelled themselves it was yummy (they being Avis and Thelma )We enjoyed our evening and Bill and Dale yakked all night.
having another look around today and going to the club to watch the draws its end of month stuff.Those clubs hee are great