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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Dec 2014

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapWell have been a bit busy lately enjoying Brisbane's lifestyle. Avis and I went into the city on the train and spent an enjoyable day looking around the city. I have to say we have better trains in the West and we don't have such a big stepdown to the platform . I have hurt my knee and everything seems harder including steps and stairs.
been to the casino here and have to say prefer Jupiters in the Gold Coast to Brisbane - - - - - they seem to have a mass of rooms everywhere.did okay though in the gambling stakes but not enough to change my life !!!

Weve been to the clubs and one day you put your hand up every time you win $2,50 and get a ticket. When it finishes all the tickets can participate in a grocerie buy up that was fun might go to that again next week !!!
The weather has been nothing but rain the last couple of days its lovely I just get to catch up with reading which I must say is good to get back to !!

Dale sems all rested up and quite contented - -thank goodness --- I know they say happy wife happy husband - - Is there a version the other way around ???????
All the clubs and all the casino's just don't seem the same without Jayne at my side - - missing you Jayne xx
The whole countryside is greening up before our eyes its amazing how real rain makes everything so healthy.