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Naymo’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Jun 2009

Location: Base Camp, Solomon Islands

MapToday is quiet hot with a balmy 35c and humiditity at about 95% its excellent to have the air con while working, but in saying i sit and wonder what it is like for the those who have to work out in the heat.

As im walking back from the makeshift ward where i have been organising some distilled water I notice like a new epicsode from Mash a helicopter flys over head the sound of the propellers making the aspen team edgy on its arrival. In the distance some Australian Army personnel had not only the usual uniform on but also sniper like gear including leg protection, hats with face protection, arm guards, full length pants and shirts with vest. While wearing this attire they then proceed to march, pretend fight, yelling & climbing trees. They must be paid good money to be doing this, back in Australia i doubt you would get these teams out in our summer even if it for training.

Last night a group of us had planned to head out and grab a bite to eat and try a hand of gambling at the casino. With the meeting time at 6.30pm, around 7 of us piled into the designated van and headed for the Taj Mahal, Indian Restuarant on the last few occassions i had been to this venue i had extremely tasty food and was looking forward the night ahead. My meal was ok nothing to rave about this time. After dinner we got back into the van head count and headed towards the Casino this isnt the usual style from the front the rope lighting of red, green, pink and blue doesnt really give the sense of riches. Walking in there, no sight of security, no sight of rules of attire, no age limits ? We proceeded upstairs to the high rollers. The room was like walking into someones lounge room with cheap card tables from $2 shop and young pretty girls behind them. No mood lighting or class. A friend explained the rules of black jack, played one round and then the night was over, made our way back to King Sol and fell asleep.

The weekend is drawing to a near i must do shopping and a little more siteseeing only 49 days to go..... time is running out,
lots to do work to get back to or more to the point Dentist to avoid