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Latin Adventure’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Apr 2006

Location: Buenos Aires


Learning a language is about making mistakes and learning from these so as to improve. Some mistakes however, tend to be more embarrassing than others. Below is a list a errors I have made in the course of my time in Buenos Aires:

Pajaro = Bird
Pajero = Wanker / Masturbator
His one didn't go down to well on a park bench with an elderly lady sitting next to me.

Te Estoy Cachando = I am kidding
Estoy Cachondo = I am horny
Not a good line to use when you meet a girl for the first time in a bar and try and tell her a joke.

Concha = Shell
Concha = Argentine slang for the female sexual organ. However, shell for most of South and Central America. Hence the error. Equivalent to c#@t in English.
Again, families on the beach don’t really appreciate this kind of comment, especially with young children around.

Coger – Verb to take? So I thought.
Cojer – To f@#k in Argentina.
Once again, not one to use in the bar after you have already said estoy cachonda and then try and say “I take it back.”

Tengo Miedo – I am scared
Tengo Mierda – I have shit!
Used once in office as a joke and received a lot of laughter. I thought I was being humorous until I was told by someone what I had said.

Basta – Stop!
Bosta – Horse shit!
Not a great plan to stand up in the middle of a busy bus when you have just missed your stop and run to the front shouting Bosta! Bosta!

Te da fiaca - You are lazy
Tetas fiaca - Lazy tits
This gem was said to my co-worker. I had mispronounced the phrase and directed the comment to a completly different and wholely inappropriate thing. She laughed it off.

I am sure in the process of my time learning Castellano there will be plenty more humorous cockups on my behalf.