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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Jul 2009

Location: Bad Neuenahr - Ahrweiler, Germany

MapIt’s German Formula 1 weekend at the famous Nurburgring and we are staying at a very nice hotel in the resort town of Bad Neuenahr, about 45 km away as Maurice has tickets for the F-1 weekend.
On the way from Cologne, we drove to Remagen on the Rhine, to see the remains of the bridge, made famous when U.S. troops took control of it in March 1945 before the Germans could destroy it. It was the only bridge that remained intact and allowed the allied forces to cross the Rhine. It was built during WW-I to help supply the German forces and ironically it helped to end WW-II in 1945. Only the towers of the bridge remain on both sides of the river as it collapsed 10 days after the U.S. forces took it, killing 28 U.S. soldiers. Today the towers are part of a Peace Museum. “The Bridge at Remagen” is the title of a book written in 1954 and a movie made in 1968.
We drove on to the old walled town of Ahrweiler which is adjacent to Bad Neuenahr. Ahrweiler has some lovely old half-timbered buildings and interesting towers and gateways around its town walls. There are lots of tourists in its busy shopping streets.
We made the short drive to our hotel in Bad Neuenahr, walked around the town for a while and had dinner in an Irish bar called “Killybegs”. Later we spent a few hours at the naturally heated swimming pools close to our hotel.