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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Jul 2009

Location: Tinnum/Sylt, Germany

MapToday we drove north past Hamburg to the small town of Niebull and took the train transporter to Westerland on the German resort island of Sylt. This is a narrow island about 40 km long and 14 km at its widest part near the centre. The main town of Westerland and the neighbouring village of Tinnum are at this widest part. After settling into our hotel, we drove into the town of Westerland which is a modern sea resort with lots of restaurants on pedestrian only streets. Unfortunately, the wind was almost gale force and people were wearing winter jackets, some even wearing scarves in mid July! After dinner we drove north to check out the villages of Kampen and List. Both of these villages are lovely and most of the buildings have thatched roofs.