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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Aug 2009

Location: Rostock & Warnemunde, Germany

MapToday we drove to Rostock, a city of the “Hanseatic League” and major port on the Baltic Sea. We walked to the Marienkirche (St Mary’s Church) a large brick built cathedral, currently closed for repairs. We then walked into the central square with many old buildings including the lovely Rathaus originally built in gothic style in 1270 and a baroque porch was added in the 18th century. There are extensive remains of the old city wall and three gate towers dating from 1280. We walked to Petrikirche (St Peter’s Church) whose spire was destroyed in WW-II and rebuilt in 1994. We also went to the Universitatsplatz, another square with a fountain and grassy park next to the main University building, built in 1867. There are many interesting gabled buildings around the city and we found an old church that has been converted into apartments and there are balconies set into the steep roof. The old city is next to the harbour but there was a “Hanse Sail Rostock” maritime festival with a sailing regatta and the area was set up with amusement rides and swarming with people, so we decided to move on.
We drove to the seaside resort town of Warnemunde which is at the entrance to Rostock’s harbour at the Baltic Sea. We walked along the promenade, set up with stalls selling food, clothing and jewellery, along with thousands of others who had come to enjoy the sun and the 29 C temperature we had this afternoon. We walked around the town for a while and saw the neo-gothic Warnemunde church built of brick in the late 1800s. There was an organ concert going on so we did not go inside. Warnemunde has a lot of nice buildings but we prefer the atmosphere of Kühlungsborn. Again, we were pleasantly surprised that both Rostock and Warnemunde were nicer than we had expected. We drove back to our apartment for dinner.