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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Aug 2009

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

MapToday we drove over 300 km to Prague in the Czech Republic. Almost as soon as we crossed the border it seemed as if the landscape changed from gently rolling countryside to more hilly terrain. We had a good trip admiring the scenery until we reached Prague where the traffic crawled all the way to our hotel on the south west outskirts of the city. After we settled in, the receptionist gave us some information on the public transport so we took the bus and tram to see the old city. First we arrived in Wenceslas Square, which is not a square but a wide street lined with elegant and interesting buildings from various eras and with a grand museum building and statues at the top end. Then we walked to the Old Town Square which is surrounded by historic buildings, a large gothic church, a large baroque church and a clock tower with an astronomical clock. There is a large fountain with statues in the centre. We then walked down towards the river and saw many more elegant buildings including and old synagogue. Off the Old Town square we found an Irish bar and had dinner there served by a young waitress, from Dublin, who we chatted to for a while. On the tram going back to our hotel we saw the illuminated cathedral and castle across the river, and the Charles Bridge, so we planned to visit that side of the river tomorrow.