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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Aug 2009

Location: Colmberg, Germany

MapWe got up really early and drove about 2½ hours, to leave Samantha, Brenden and Reagan back to Munich airport. After we said good-bye at the airport, we drove to the town of Freising about 20 km away and visited the Dom (church) there; quite plain on the outside but highly decorated on the inside. We walked around the town for a while looking at other interesting buildings. Then we went to the town of Ingolstadt, first to a factory outlet mall where we had lunch and then to visit the Audi Forum (car museum). Next we drove to the town of Eichstatt which has many baroque buildings including a palace and a couple of churches. We continued along the Altmühl river valley and the Altmühltal Naturepark, Germany’s largest, admiring the beautiful wooded hills and valleys. We then headed north through Ansbach and arrived back in Colmberg in time for dinner.