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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Aug 2009

Location: Colmberg area, Germany

MapToday we took a picnic lunch and drove to see Schlosspark Dennenlohe. We had read that the castle gardens were worth seeing but when we got there they seemed to be overgrown and we decided against going in. After a short walk around the village, we drove on to “the Hesselberg”, the highest hill in middle Franconia. We climbed to the summit, 689 metres, and enjoyed the views over the surrounding countryside. Then we walked the pathway around the hill, approximately 5 km. Next we drove to Nordlingen, another medieval town on the Romantic Road. We walked around the town streets and the wall ramparts and had dinner close to the old town centre. We drove back to Colmberg the short 63 km route, along narrow twisty roads, rather than the 104 km motorway route! What would we do without the GPS?