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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Sep 2009

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapToday we left Germany and drove to Salzburg, Austria. We parked close to the old town centre and, with the help of Rick Steeves book, we took his recommended walking tour. We started in Mozart Platz which has a large statue of Mozart in the centre. Here we could see the forested hills in the background which gives the city a village feel. High on a steep hill overlooking the city is a large fortress which can be accessed by a funicular train or by walking a steep path. We chose to walk about half way up later in the day, to see the views over the city. After Mozart Platz, we walked through Residenz Platz and Dom Platz to the Dom (large church). The Dom is richly decorated in the baroque style with a brightly lit dome and lots of paintings. There are four pipe organs one on each corner where the nave and transepts intersect. Mozart was an organist here for two years. Next we walked through Kapitelplatz, past the horse bath, to St. Peter’s cemetery and church. Along the side of the cemetery is a steep cliff with caves, once inhabited by hermits, and Maurice climbed up the steps and passageways to take some photos over the city. Next we walked to Universitatsplatz and had a late lunch there just outside the house where Mozart was born. Then we walked along Getreidegasse, a narrow busy shopping street, to the Salzach River. We crossed the bridge and walked to Mirabell Palace and gardens which featured in the movie “The Sound of Music”. After returning to our car, we drove to Mondsee in the Salzkammergut Lake district. This town, right on Lake Mondsee, has many lovely buildings and a large Schloss (palace) part of which seems to be a fancy hotel. We drove on to our hotel location, Bad Hall, a small spa town about 50 km south of Linz and had dinner in a nice restaurant in the town centre.