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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Sep 2009

Location: Baden (bei Wien), Austria

MapThanks to our hotel owner we got connected to the internet this morning. Then we went for a walk and climbed up to see the Ruine Rauheneck castle (ruins) just west of town in the Helenental Valley. The path was quite steep in places but the views across the river to Ruine Rauhenstein castle (ruins) and over the town of Baden were worth it. Baden is on the edge of the area known as the Vienna Woods and we saw signs warning of the possibility of wild boars. We had a quick lunch in town and rushed back to the hotel so Maurice could watch the Italian F-1 race on TV. Later we drove out along the Helenental Valley to the small village of Mayerling, a former hunting lodge where Rudolph, the son of Emperor Franz Joseph I, and his mistress apparently committed suicide. This story was the basis for the 1968 movie “Mayerling” starring Omar Sharif and Catherine Deneuve. We also drove out through the picturesque hilly countryside and villages nearby, stopping at Hafnerberg to see an oval shaped baroque church with a truly amazing interior, totally unexpected in such a small village. We drove back into Baden and had dinner in a Greek restaurant in the town centre.