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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Sep 2009

Location: Porec, Croatia

MapToday we left Klagenfurt to drive to the Istria peninsula of Croatia, a journey of over 3½ hours. Hoping to see more of the scenery along the way, we took the optional route first going east from Klagenfurt and then south through some small villages and over a 1218 metre mountain pass into Slovenia. We have never seen so many switchbacks on a road before. The road surface deteriorated when we entered Slovenia and we began to feel sorry that we didn’t take the motorway. After descending the Alps on the Slovenian side, the land flattened out and we saw many fields of corn similar to Germany and Austria. There also seemed to be many recent buildings in towns along the way. We joined up with the excellent motorway close to the city of Ljubljana and as we continued on towards Croatia the landscape became drier, more like central Spain. When we arrived at the Croatian border we were surprised to find that Croatia is not part of the E.U. so we had to go through customs, but no problems. We noticed again that the soil became red in colour almost as soon as we crossed the border. We drove on to our apartment hotel close to the town of Porec on the Adriatic Sea.