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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Oct 2009

Location: Porec, Croatia

MapToday the weather was a little cooler so we went back into Porec to walk around and to visit the Basilica. It was built during the 1400’s and has some very nice mosaics in the ceiling archways and over the altar. It looks like the present day building was built over an older one as there are some openings left in the floor showing sections of another mosaic tiled floor and some foundations several feet below. Outside the Basilica, in the courtyard, there are more mosaic tiled panels on walls. The mosaics include tiles of gold and mother of pearl, which glisten in the sun, as well as other bright colours. Some aspects of the building appear to be Moorish in origin, especially the shape of the archways and some of the pillar capitals. We learned that the Basilica in Porec is a World Heritage site.