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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Oct 2009

Location: Lecco area, Italy

MapAfter lunch today we drove into Lecco on Lake Como and walked the tree lined promenade along the lake shore, enjoying the views across the lake and the steep mountains on either side. We then walked through the pedestrian-only streets of the town centre which was busy with shoppers. A lot of the buildings in the town are mid to late 20th century so they are not very interesting, although we found some old wall fortifications. There is a large neo-baroque church with a very tall free-standing bell tower close to the centre. The bell tower can be seen from many places in the town as well as from across the lake. We then drove the motorway along the east side of the lake exiting to take the switchbacks down to the lake shore at Bellano. We drove back along the lake shore through Varenna to Lecco, stopping at a few places along the way to take photos of the beautiful views. Because the mountains rise so steeply from the lake, there are many tunnels, rock arches and protective galleries along many sections of the roadway along the shore. We drove a short way towards Bellagio on the opposite side of the lake, stopping to take some photos, but decided to turn around and complete that trip another day. We had dinner in a busy Italian restaurant in Lecco and drove back to our apartment in Civate.