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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Oct 2009

Location: Lecco area, Italy

MapToday we drove into Milan, about 55 km from our apartment and, after some difficulty, found an open parkade close to the city centre. It is a nightmare to drive here as the streets are only marked with a centre line but no dividing lines for the lanes, so drivers will create three lanes on a street wide enough for two lanes, especially at traffic lights, and then motor cycles and scooters will add two more. The main tourist attraction in Milan is the imposing neo-gothic cathedral finished in a light coloured marble and having multiple spires. The huge main doors are finished in bronze and decorated with figures of people and animals. There are also many statues fixed to the exterior. The interior is quite nice also and has a number of large paintings hanging from wires strung along the nave between the dark marble columns. There are several large stained glass windows and the marble floors are finished in colourful patterns. We walked through some of the very busy pedestrian streets close to the cathedral and took some photos of the more interesting buildings. Milan was damaged during WW-II so most of the buildings near the centre are quite recent. We had dinner in a sidewalk restaurant and drove back to our apartment.