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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Oct 2009

Location: Lecco area, Italy

MapToday we drove west to Como and then north along the lake to the small town of Cernobbia where we had a picnic lunch along the waterfront. After walking around the town and waterfront we drove back into Como. On the way, we realized that the border between Italy and Switzerland is only a few kilometres west of Como. We walked part of the promenade along the lake and out on to a long pier where we had great views of the town of Como and the mountains around the lake. Next we visited the Duomo (cathedral) whose construction began in 1396 and was finished in the 1700’s. The light marble front façade was added in 1457 and has many statues mounted vertically on pilasters each side of the main door and on the corners. The cathedral has a mixture of architectural styles, a gothic nave, renaissance transepts and a rococo dome. After walking around some of the pedestrian shopping streets we visited the smaller church of San Fedele, a Romanesque structure dating from 1120. We then boarded a funicular tram that took us to the village of Brunate situated high on a steep mountain with spectacular views of Como and the surrounding countryside to the south. We walked some of the narrow streets of the village but cut our visit short because of the cold wind. On the way down in the tram we met two Americans from Atlanta, who we learned are mother and son. We started chatting and decided to join up for dinner in a restaurant across from the cathedral.