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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Oct 2009

Location: Lecco area, Italy

MapToday we walked from our apartment to the Basilica of San Pietro al Monte and the Oratory of St Benedict, perched at 663 metres on Mount Cornizzolo next to Civate. They were part of an original monastery built in 774 AD and were modified to the present form in the 11th century. The Basilica is considered to be the best Romanesque structure in Lombardy. Apparently it contains some very unique apocalyptic frescoes and stucco work but unfortunately we could not go inside as reservations are required on week days. It was quite a climb up, as the pathway was narrow, steep and very rocky at the higher elevations. On the way we passed a flock of sheep grazing in a meadow and we could hear the clanging of the little bells strung around the necks of some. The views from the Basilica over the surrounding mountains and Lake Annone to the south are terrific. After a much needed rest, we cautiously made our way back down the rocky pathway to our apartment. We drove into Lecco later in the day and had dinner there.