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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Oct 2009

Location: Siena area, Italy

MapToday we drove to Arezzo, approximately 70 km from Rosia, through the lovely Tuscan landscapes. Arezzo is a medieval walled town set on a hill and we walked up to the old centre to visit the Duomo (cathedral) and its bell tower which can be seen from many locations around the town. The cathedral is a sandstone building decorated with marble statues but is quite dark inside which hides some of the many paintings and 14th century frescoes that it contains. Next we walked to the Piazza Grande, the main square of the town, which is similar to the one we saw yesterday in Siena but smaller and the buildings are not so impressive. Arezzo has many churches, most dating from the 14th century or earlier, and we visited a few taking photos where we could. We then walked around a section of the town wall where we had great views over the surrounding countryside. Next we stopped to view the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre dating from the early 2nd century. We ended our visit at the Porta San Lorentino, a well preserved entry gate through the town wall and drove back to Rosia for dinner.